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FDI Congress Worldental Daily Newsletter

FDI Congress Worldental Daily Newsletter 8 September 2016
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Interview: Restorative dentistry has become a two-class system

Materials scientist Prof. John Nicholson from London has conducted extensive research on glass ionomer cements and related materials over the last 30 years. In his presentation at the FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Poznań today he discussed whether modern dental materials can meet the world's oral health needs, among other things. Dental Tribune Online spoke with him about the shortcomings of modern dental materials, restorative dentistry becoming a two-class system, and atraumatic restorative treatment.

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A tradition of innovation: 100 years of pioneering solutions in dentistry

With its high-quality products and innovative solutions for use in dentistry, Morita is a leading dental manufacturer worldwide. The company's product range includes imaging equipment, such as CBCT systems, treatment units, turbines, contra-angle handpieces and attachments, hand instruments, endodontic combination systems and laser equipment. At this year's FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Poznań, the company is presenting its optimal aligned implantology and endodontic workflows.

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DuPont study confirming anti-caries effect of xylitol to be presented at FDI

New research conducted at Finnish science company DuPont Nutrition and Health has found that caries-causing bacteria are significantly reduced in the presence of xylitol, a naturally occurring sweetener with the taste and sweetness of sugar, but only half the calories. The findings, which offer an improved understanding of results from previous studies, will be presented at the FDI Annual World Dental Congress currently being held in Poland.

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Strategies to advance oral health in Africa

Oral health in Africa has just received a second boost with the August 2016 launch of the World Health Organization's African region strategy, based on four clear objectives. This follows its publication Promoting Oral Health in Africa, initiated earlier this year, which proposes proven, affordable and feasible interventions to address daily oral health needs in Africa. The FDI launched its own Strategy for Africa in 2013, providing competence training and capacity building within its unique network of Africa-based national dental associations.

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