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With a unique concept of "smiling business" with its creator Alexey Sobol, we met in the city of Bydgoszcz (Poland) at the conference on small and medium-sized businesses. Immediately interested in innovative look, based on openness, trust and a smile as the key to successful business development. Alexey Sobol famous abroad is probably more than in the home country, although an appointment to Alexei painted a month in advance. His approach is based on the promotion of, decisions that help especially to entrepreneurs, businesses be more successful, to extract greater profits from their projects at the expense of business smile, as a form of trust between partners.

The secret of a smile Alexey Sobol biology.
There are hundreds of languages ​​in the world, but a smile is understandable in all languages.
Smile - expressive movements of facial muscles (lips, eyes and cheeks), showing the position to express laughter or fun, cheer, joy, benevolence or irony, mockery (grin).
Smile - is primarily the cerebral process. It all starts with the front drive area of ​​the hypothalamus (a posterior hypothalamic zone stimulation causes the opposite reaction of dissatisfaction). From there, the flow of nerve impulses transmitted to the limbic system, responsible for our emotions. Muscle tone weakens, appears contented expression on his face.
Smile - it's one of the most simple, pleasant and yet priceless gifts that people can give each other free of charge. It is unfortunate that we often forget about the incredible power of a smile everyday routine problems - and how it had happened, and for the replacement comes gloomy shadow of detachment and indifference.
On average, an adult accounts for only 5-10 per day smiles. This is taking into account curves and sarcastic grins. But the smile - is a very effective way to add positive and ease of daily life, illuminating light of happiness life people close to you! Each of us can change the world for the better, and start necessary first of all to himself.

Who is Alex Sobol?
First of all, the unique international expert and director Souzconsalt Medical Community - Community unites medical business owners and doctors, the owner of the clinic, which has a lot of Russian and foreign awards and titles. Souzconsalt Medical Community - is a cluster of innovative development of a network of international experts "Soyuzkonsalt» www.souzconsalt.com.
As the author of the concept of "smiling business" Alexey Sobol sure complexes Trapped largely associated with dental disorders, especially among businessmen held age 40+. And this question is not so much treatment and prosthetics, namely the creation of a full image of an open person, because the business is above all the trust - said Alexey Sobol.

As a smiling female business?
Women entrepreneurs often wiser and informed approach to the issue of confidence and beauty. Women's approach to business - it is to charm the customer before placing it to her, and here without a smile or both, or in business, or in building a successful career. Everyone wants to have in his team, both managers and employees - "shining" happiness of people charging their energy to other, and above all it is a smile. Movie stars, pop, and just public figures have long recognized the factor of success associated with this fact: You smile then you are fine and you can trust!

What is more important to offer a service or help to become a successful businessman?
Clearly, aid to man, a businessman, an entrepreneur. Each person is a personal story that is woven into the history of the achievements of the whole country. Very often entrepreneurs come for consultation with one question: Dr. - what's wrong? And you have to explain almost every time the same thing: Smile - a pledge of confidence in you and your business and the success of the project. And at first skeptical, do not attach much importance to this phenomenon, with the words "let's just going to fly." Although later, a lot of call and thank recommend to others as an asset is not only the factories and steamboats, the smile - the main asset of the entrepreneur.

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